It’s Christmassss……….

First of all, I hope that you and all your families had a great time over the Christmas period. I know that I did, despite having several ‘pain flareups’ and usual insomnia booting in.

On Christmas Eve, Kirsty told me that she still had some presents to wrap, so I took Nathan out for a few hours to let her get some peace to get on with it. I said to Nathan that we would just jump on the first bus that would turn up. So the first bus that turned up was an Edinburgh service and we ended up in going to Edinburgh’s City Centre.

When we got off the bus, we spent all of 10 minutes at a couple of shops before going to ‘Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets in the city’s Princess Street Garden’s. The place was mobbed really; really mobbed. 

I asked Nathan if he fancied going on the Ferris wheel and he did. I knew before going to the market that the prices at the place are a complete and utter rip-off. I paid £10 for myself and £6.50 for Nathan. We must have waited for roughly 10 minutes before we finally went on this ride. The last time I had been on it, was 17 years ago with Kirsty and her mum and wee sister. I can’t remember what the price was then, but it was a rip off! The ride went round a total of 3 times and the views of Edinburgh Castle, the views of Edinburgh and the view across Fife were just stunning. Despite the price I was so glad that I went on this with Nathan as it was about creating “special memories” with him. 


I really enjoyed doing this with Nathan and a few minutes after doing this, I started to feel really warm and dizzy. I was asked a few times by Nathan if I was feeling ok as he knows himself when I look unwell.

So, we left the market, went to a couple of shops and got the bus back home.

My oldest son Jack came to see myself, Kirsty and his wee brother Nathan on Christmas Eve and stayed until Boxing Day. It really was good to see and spend some precious time with Jack and I enjoyed our conversations about the SNP, politics across Scotland and the UK. 

Christmas Day was really good and I enjoyed the most seeing Nathan, Kirsty and Jack, all unwrapping the presents I had got them.

Boxing Day was a quiet affair and Jack had left my place around 10:30 so that he could get back to Dundee. Later that day myself, Kirsty and Nathan went across to Rosyth for a family get together at Kirsty’s sister Nicolle (my wee numpty sister in law is what she say’s I say about her when I’m describing her to others 😉) and husband’s house in Rosyth. They always put on a really good buffet and they certainly are good hosts. Paul (Nicolle’s husband) and Nicolle have been doing this for roughly 5 years now. Even though I hardly drink alcohol these days, I usually have a few beers. 

We got there just after 16:00 and by just after 19:00 I was ready to go home as I took a massive pain flare-up. I was that hot and sweaty I was going to walk back home (roughly 1 mile), but Kirsty had arranged a lift back home for me. I really hate having to do that, but as I said to Kirsty later that night “at least I made the effort to get ready and go along for just over three hours rather than just staying at home!”

Prog Magazine Poll Results for 2019

What a pleasant surprise I got on the morning of Friday 27th December 2019 when I had ‘went online’ to look at my PITP 2.0 Twitter account @prog_2

You see, Brian Neeson the co-promoter of PITP on 4th April 19 had tweeted along with the photo below; Wow!! Well done Kev @inverkev @prog_2 So when I noticed that there was a notification from Twitter, I logged on and had I look. When I first saw the tweet and photo, I just couldn’t believe it at first and then it finally sank in. 

I had no idea that I had been even nominated in the; UNSUNG HERO category in the Prog Readers Poll. To this day, I have no idea how I ended up even being nominated in the first place for this reward, or even, who nominated me.


Whoever it was, then thank you so much I really appreciated it. Once again, a special thank you to Brian Neeson for his involvement with getting PITP up and running. Also, a special thank you to Kirsty for supporting me and believing in me and thank you to everyone else that was involved and helped me with PITP. Without all that support, then there’s no way that the inaugural PITP wouldn’t have been the success that it was.

My final thank you is for you, the people that bought their ticket(s) to make PITP the success it turned out to be.

I am really looking forward to PITP 2.0 in April 2020. We have a really good mixture of prog-rock bands booked for The Main Stage and The Glen Stage. We have also got some really great prizes for the raffle and auction so that we can raise not only the much-needed funds so that MacMillan Cancer Support is there for when cancer patients have first been diagnosed. But also to create awareness for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Tickets for PITP 2.0 are £25.00 and these are available by logging into 

proginthepark.com then click on the link to buy tickets and that’s you able to buy how many tickets you are after.


I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 and  “lang may yer Lum reek”.

Kevin O’Neil