The Healing Power of Music

Sarcoma UK – Prog in the Park April 2019 – Podcast

The inaugural Prog in the Park was in aid of the cancer harities – Maggie’s Centre’s and Sarcoma UK. I decided that Maggie’s Centre’s would be one of the charites due to how supportive that they have been with me and my family during my cancer journey.

I was going through 30 radiotherapy treatments during January and February 2012. Then four years later, I was going through another course of 30 radiotherapy treatments during January and February 2016. When I was going through all these treatments at The Edinburgh Cancer Centre Western General Hospital Edinburgh (WGH), I would sometimes drop in to the Edinburgh Maggie’s centre. I would either go in for a coffee and a blether, to seek advice or for somewhere to sit and collect my thoughts.

When I have had appointments at The Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy (VHK) Fife, I would often drop into the Maggie’s Centre for a coffee and a blether. So it was only natural that I would choose Maggie’s as a charity to raise awareness and much needed funds for.

Please go to for up to date information on the services they have available.

My Sarcoma’s

When I had surgery to remove tumours from my spine at the WGH in January 2012, I was informed that it was a glomus tumour that the surgeons removed. I was back at the WGH in October 2012 for further spinal surgery, this was due to a reoccurrence of the first tumour.

The pathology result from this second operation showed that the glomus tumour came back and growing at a fast rate. When I asked for more information about glomus tumours I was told that these are part of the rare sarcoma group of cancers. My oncologist told me that out of the roughly 240 odd different types of cancer, sarcoma’s are more or less half the amount of cancers.

Then in October 2015, I had the surgery that removed a massive tumour from the ‘wall of my chest’. I won’t go into this much as it is well documented already on this web site and my social media sites, but 1 month after surgery I was told that I have ‘malignant myoperyictoma’.

Malignant myopericytoma is also a part of the sarcoma grouping of tumours, however, this is extremely rare. I was told that it’s so rare that I am ‘one of fifteen’ people in the world with this condition. Several months later, I started my ‘One of Fifteen’ social media campaign.

Sarcoma UK

So when it came to choosing another charity to raise awareness and funds for it made sense to include Sarcoma UK.

At the inaugural PITP both Maggie’s Centre’s and Sarcoma UK were represented at the festival, with information stalls and staff and volunteers from the charity on hand to answer any questions.

Sarcoma UK’s Digital Communications Manager, Enda Guinan represented the charity at PITP. But Enda spent some of his time interviewing myself, my wife Kirsty, Alan Reed, Altres and a few others about their involvement at PITP.

The interviews also covered the subject matter for Enda’s podcast –

The Healing Power of Music – an area that has helped me throughout my many many years now of living with ill health and chronic pain.

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Prog in the Park 2.0

Tickets for PITP 2.0 cost £25.00 and can buy them at:

PITP 2.0 is in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. Keep checking here and the social media sites for updates and for news of a competition that I will be launching soon.

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