By now we should have had the opportunity to take stock on the Ministerial Statements by both Boris Johnstone Prime Minister and Nicola Sturgeon First Minister. When both made their addresses on Tuesday 22 September 2020, many of us would be disappointed by what was being said. Disappointed, for me,I was bloody gutted!!

With the current new laws from the Governments across the UK now fully in place, we are again witnessing yet another major set back for live music. With a curfew imposed on pubs and clubs, having to call last orders by 10pm, this has done nothing to re-introduce live music to those establishments that take pride in putting on live bands.  

Some reports say that this could last for another 6 months, that being the case then this could cripple many fine live establishments. So many really good live venues are feeling the pinch and many will be taking decisions on either to try and keep going, or if it’s now the time to close the doors.


At this moment in time all indications are looking towards the Spring at the earliest for the re-opening of music venues. I really would hate to imagine how many bands are having to reorganise tours for when it’s going to be safer for these venues to open their doors again.

The Covid – 19 virus continues to cause havoc and wreck families across the UK. Every day, regardless where we live, we are witnessing more and more people needlessly dying. I count my blessings that I am still here with my wife Kirsty and our little boy Nathan and my other 2 sons, Jack and Ben.

We all have are on views on how at this time last year we hadn’t even heard of Covid -19 and yet since March, it has claimed the life’s of so may poor souls on our shores.


When I was in hospital for one week in March with pneumonia, then back in hospital from mid – April, May to mid – June with sepsis, Prog in the Park 2.0 was very much in my mind.  Then since being discharged from hospital in , I have continued working on the planning and arranging every thing within my power for Prog in the Park 2.0 (PITP 2.0). 

You may recall that I rearranged the date for PITP 2.0 to Saturday 27th March 2021. When the ministerial announcements were made last week, my head went down and I did think that I would have to just pull the plug on that rearranged date. I did even consider, for all of a few seconds to cancel PITP 2.0. Then something in the back of my mind told me to keep the rearranged date for the time being.

Then on Friday last week I received emails from Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Gigs in Scotland. What caught my eye was the rearranged tour dates for Clannad on the Ticketmaster web site. Clannad are now touring from 9 – 19 March 2021 and playing at various venues across the UK. 

I had bought tickets to see Genesis at The SSE Hydro Glasgow in December this year. Then this gig was rearranged to 1 April 2021. There was also so many other gigs and tours starting in March and April next year being advertised on these ticket agency sites.

After seeing these dates on these webpages I began to start feeling a bit better in myself and about PITP 2.0 going ahead in March 2021. This is something that I will of course keep everyone updated on.

In the meantime, thank you for your support.

Stay safe  stay alive

Kevin O’Neil